Experience online banking that is rich in features, yet easy to use

BankEX, our internet banking solution is a popular delivery channel used by leading banks in Nepal. Since its launch in 2010, we have done a careful research on the trends of internet banking users and have tailored our solution based on the findings. BankEX now offers an intuitive user interface leading to an easy and hassle-free user experience. Services ranging from viewing account information to conducting secure transactions are available for customers. With these self-service features available 24/7, BankEX is an efficient solution that helps reduce the workload for banks while customers can avoid a visit to the bank thus saving time on travel and queues.
BankEX comes with a corporate module meant exclusively for businesses to independently manager their accounts. Features such as Salary Management and Bulk Transactions with multiple approval mechanisms make it a must-have tool for institutions looking for banking efficiency.

The application administration is built around the maker/checker concept. Allocation of services to group profiles rather than individual customers makes customer management extremely easy. All kinds of reports are generated and can be downloaded in all popular formats (excel, pdf etc). User activity logs and audit trails are all available in the system.
Two Factor Authentication, SSL certificates, strict password policies and audit trails of every operation makes BANKex a highly secure solution. While SSL certificates ensure network security, One Time Passwords (OTP) are sent to users’ mobile numbers to verify and authenticate each transaction.